Dublin Rumble is a coming of age Feature Film set in the world of Mixed Martial Arts

Project in development

Six Sense High gets development funding from Programa Ibermedia

Teen TV Series is in development

The ePlayers Web series starts shooting early 2016

Project will enter pre-production January 2016

The Stand Ups documentary series is coming soon to TV3

TV Series set to be broadcasted early 2016 in Ireland

Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer, producer and director and a bestselling book author. As TV producer and showrunner, Nuno Bernardo created and produced Beat Generation, Flatmates, the Kidscreen Award-winner Aisling’s Diary, and the Emmy-nominated TV series Final Punishment, Beat Girl, and Collider. Nuno also keynotes, lectures, writes and runs workshops around the world about about the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, audience development strategies, transmedia storytelling, digital convergence, branded entertainment and online video.

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Story Design for a Multi-platform Audience

From beginning to end, a transmedia story should be a social phenomenon, one which draws people together and unifies them through shared experiences. At present, the industry is obsessed with creating toys and applications which are too exclusive. They do not address...

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Editing Comedy on FCPX: A troubled journey

My story with Final Cut Pro X is very similar to many other directors and editors that bought it when it came out and couldn’t understand how it worked. Why, Apple, WHY?! So, after a few (not that many) hours, FCPX went to the app cemetery, the place where installed...

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