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Nuno Bernardo is a TV and film writer and bestselling YA author with 21 books published and a million copies sold worldwide. Nuno created and wrote several award-winning and Emmy-nominated TV series, including Beat Girl, Final Punishment and Flatmates. Nuno Bernardo’s works include the Sofia’s Diary book series, the Mariana’s Secret Diary series and Bia & Fred. He also collaborated with Jasmina Kallay on the novel adaptation of the Beat Girl TV series (story by) and with M. K. Shaddix in Made With Love.

Sofia's Diary

Published in Portugal, Brazil and UK/Ireland

Made with Love

Colégio do Templo

New Book

Beat Girl

International bestseller

Books Published


YA Fiction:
  • Colégio do Templo (Portugal). Creator and writer
  • Sofia’s Diary Book Series (Portugal, UK and Brazil). Creator and co-writer
  • Mariana’s Secret Diary Series (Portugal). Creator and co-writer.
  • Bia & Fred (Portugal). Author.
  • As Aventuras do Miguel (Portugal). Creator and co-writer
  • Dark Siege (Portugal). Creator.
Graphic Novel:
  • Collider Graphic Novel (UK, Ireland and Portugal). Creator.
Chick lit:
  • Made with Love (UK, US). Collaborator with M.K. Shaddix. 
  • Beat Girl (UK, Portugal). Collaborator with Jasmina Kallay.
  • The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia. Author.
  • Transmedia 2.0Author.

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